For everyone that has been waiting a veritable age for all of the awesome new Mystcraft features to be released I wanted to give a general update.

There are a few minor things I need to do to Mystcraft before the release. This particular arc had a lot of major changes, and I didn’t want to release it with too many holes. It’s still going to have a few on release despite that, but it should be functional.
A known issue with the upcoming release is the generation of additional properties of ages. I have a really awesome system worked out that will make it so ages get properties you didn’t expect or write (and only rarely add things you didn’t want), but at present it only adds things it needed. This means things like tendrils won’t appear in an age unless you write them in. Some people will like this for the time being, but it isn’t how it is supposed to work.
Another issue is the rarity system needing to be adjusted. Currently, symbols have a single rarity value when they should really have one for how often they spawn as treasure, how often they can be purchased as villager trades, and how often they can be generated into books. At present this rarity value affects all of those. This is not as critical an issue at least.

The issue that is actually holding up release is you can’t actually play Mystcraft legitimately. The collection of pages is just too difficult. Whereas previously you could get all of the symbols eventually via spamming books and instead spawned in a notebook to spare your harddrive, currently you have to spawn pages through creative just to ever get to writing. Villagers trade the pages, and all (non-creative) symbols are available that way, but my villagers are apparently quite rare, homeless, and also broken. Pages as treasure only occurs in ages and only in a specific structure. There are simply not enough sources of pages yet. Once that issue is resolved you shall have a release. :)

There are a few other issues as well, but that’s the only one that will take any real time. I don’t know how long it will take to get that sorted out, though. Here’s hoping it’s soon. I really want to see what all you can create.