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 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.11.2]
PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2012 12:28 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
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See below for full changelog since ~Veovis Muad'dib

Mystcraft is now updated for 1.11.2.

I feel there really should be more to say, but mostly I just hope people have fun with it. :)

The current plan is to do some bug fixing and then target a 1.12 update. The 1.12 update will probably include significant changes to how instability works.


[Minecraft]Updated to version 1.11.2

[Generation]Island Worlds are now much bigger
[Generation]TEMPORARY: Skylands worlds don't have fluid (seas, etc removed)
[Generation]Falling blocks on Skyland worlds which lack support are changed to cobblestone

[Mechanics]Ink is now bucketable

[UX]Star Fissure Render improved

[BugFix](For Map Makers)Relative Link affects location of Generate Platform

[Java]Requires Java 1.8

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.3.2]
PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 7:53 am 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
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Mystcraft is up! :)

  • Adds dummy SkyProvider (standard rendering in place)
  • Adds flags to the config to enable/disable mystcraft item crafting
  • Adds linking sounds (sounds created by SamuelWolve)
  • Adds myst-agebook command which allows the admin creation of descriptive books for ages
  • Adds myst-create command for creating mystcraft ages by commandline (worlds created in this manner do not have instability)
  • Adds Native Biome Controller as a Creative mode symbol
  • Adds textures sprite sheets. One for 16x16 and one for 64x64.
  • Change: Deleting agedatas no longer reuses slot
  • Change: Eliminates usage of lang file (uses internal functions instead)
  • Change: Eliminates use of vanilla packets
  • Change: Moved to Forge Edition only (note that it is still a jar mod)
  • Change: TPX no longer auto-creates dims
  • Change: Void symbol puts void render height at 0
  • Changes from dimension fallback system to dim registration system
  • Changes generated platform in ages to replace both air and fluids
  • Changes logging to use FML Logging
  • Changes scaling of existing sized biome controllers to approx. match the previous behavior
  • Cleans up and improves tpx command
  • Fix: Force closes the book gui on held items if the book is no longer in your inventory
  • Fixes (visual) loss of potion effects on link
  • Fixes bedrock generation on Standard Terrain
  • Fixes biome controller mismatching for function usage (existing bug found through addition of native biome controller). This may cause generation to no line up with old saves
  • Fixes books dropped from creative windows not turning into entities
  • Fixes EXP syncing on link
  • (Possibly) Fixes IC2 interaction with held book guis
  • Fixes issue with opening book gui when placing book in receptacle
  • Fixes issues with inventory sync on getting a book out of the receptacle, stand, or entity without GUI
  • Fixes native respawn mechanics to allow respawning in the current dimension
  • Fixes platform generation for age spawns (a platform spawns when the world gens)
  • Fixes sending of age data on player login
  • Improvements to generation of spawn platform and selection of spawn
  • Improvements to void lag on generation (initial lag smaller, later generation seems smooth)
  • Improves communication of falling block info
  • Improves falling block rendering
  • Improves handling of network data order
  • Makes the standard terrain symbol more closely match the native code (tweaks numbers and separates a random number gen)
  • New textures for Crystal, Receptacle face, and LinkModifier created by Unorthodox.

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.3.2]
PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 7:32 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
Mystcraft is available! :)
See the blog post
  • General:
    • Updates to Forge 299 (4.2) and above. No longer a jar mod, now goes in the mods folder.
    • Adds smoke effect on link
    • Adds custom entity renderer system
    • Adds lecterns ("P ", "PPS", "PPP")
    • Receptacles generate random portal colors when a book is placed
    • Adds an admin command to toggle instability enabled for dimension
    • Adds a config option for each symbol to prevent its registration
    • New instability system - See Instability
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixes a bug in the link code handling dims >127
    • Fixes issue with shift-clicking when crafting Descriptive Books causing Dim ids to be skipped.
    • Fix for issues with clicking very quickly in stand GUI
    • Fixes an issue with dimensions from unloaded saves not getting unregistered
    • Adds check for invalid Descriptive books from saved inventory states
    • Adds check for null world on link
    • Fixes an issue with notifying blocks on generation (should greately improve generation times of ages)
    • Fixes some of the biome population limitations related to sea level
    • Fixes stack overflow issues with portals
    • Reduces lag some on large portals (very large portals may cause a server to 'freeze')
    • AgeController performance improvement on client side
  • Tweaks:
    • Changes the default item ids to the 8700 range
    • Removes fog coloring from skylands
    • Book entities now eject from blocks and do not suffer suffocation damage
    • Gives book entities a breath meter
    • Remakes stand model and texture
    • Stand has new recipe ("S S", " P ")
    • Changes base spawn height to match sea level
    • Makes symbol_LavaLakes use sea level properly (generates below) most of the time
    • Changes Cave World terrain gen to set the desired sea level and use the sea level indicated by the controller
    • Makes pickaxe effective against crystals
    • Server setting for renderLabels propegated to clients (Allows servers to disable client ability to render labels)
    • Makes dropped books respect label flag
    • Changes default config of label rendering to false
    • Adds mirror of desk recipe as valid (flip feather & ink)
    • Chromatic colors are no longer synced with time of day (will vary day-to-day)
    • Charged symbol adds stability
  • Instability:
    • Adds the new instability controller system
    • Instability mechanics in an age are saved to the agedata
    • Adds random selection system for instability mechanics
    • Changes instability effect collection to allow for effect stacking
    • Instability providers can specify max level (max stack count)
    • Adds back-compat for unstable ages (if instability enabled on age and the age would be unstable.)
    • Ensures that a removed instability effect is properly removed from an age
    • Adds instability flag to config
    • Adds difficulty scaling for the instability score
    • Adds difficulty override config option (0-3 for peaceful through hard)
  • New Instability Effects:
    • Moves decay to use the instability controller system (Renames decay to Black Decay)
    • Blindness
    • Blue Decay
    • Confusion
    • Crumble
    • Enemy Regen
    • Erosion
    • Explosions
    • Fatigue
    • Hunger
    • Lightning
    • Meteors
    • Poisoned
    • Purple Decay
    • Red Decay
    • Scorched
    • Slow
    • Weakness
    • White Decay
  • Writing Tweaks:
    • Increases instability added by Dense Ores
    • Accelerated now adds instability
    • Makes the following symbols add instability when stacked above certain thresholds: Villages, Strongholds, Obelisks, Mineshafts, Glowstone Crystals, Wooden Tendrils, Dungeons, and Crystals
    • Adds symbol for meteors
    • Meteors symbol adds stability
    • Adds symbol for explosions
    • Explosions symbol adds stability
    • Charged symbol adds stability
  • API:
    • Adds some javadocs to API
    • Cleans up the API
    • Changes handling of symbols to allow for symbols to be removed without breaking the save
    • Unknown symbols are rendered using defaults
    • Adds MystObjects to the API for external access
    • Exposes lectern to API
    • API Registration system for LinkListeners
    • Moves the draw info code from AgeSymbol into DrawableSymbol

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.4.2]
PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 11:54 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
Mystcraft is available! :)
See the blog post

Mostly just an update to 1.4.2. :)
  • General
    • Items should auto-select if default item id is taken
    • Renames Dense Ores symbol internally (Heavy Resources -> DenseOres). This will affect the config option!
    • Updates to 1.4.2
    • Updates minimum forge requirement to 6.0
  • Dev
    • Updates build environment to Forge 337
  • Visual
    • Changes default color of portals
  • BugFix
    • Fixes dev-only issue with sound files
    • Ensures that the target chunk has populated before linking

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.4.4/1.4.5]
PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 1:03 am 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
A new Mystcraft release is up: This is primarily an update release. It is a build for Minecraft 1.4.4 (which is currently in pre-release).
Check out the blog post.

Updates to 1.4.4
Adds a Mystcraft Creative Tab with all of the Mystcraft items in it (items remain in other tabs as well)
Adds individual instability configs
Removes exisiting black decay config
Improves auto-gen time costs
Decay now stops spreading when instability is disabled
Mystcraft recipes involving wood use the ore dictionary
Bug Fixes
Adds check for null or zero length instability identifier
Adds check to symbol registration for null or zero length identifiers
Adds check to packet handling for null or empty packets
Adds warning when registering over an existing instability identifier
Fixes linking with uninitialized books (linking should fail)
Book GUI should correctly show uninitialized books as unlinkable
Fixes the twitching effect when intralinking
Adds "Scorched Surface" symbol

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.4.6]
PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:39 am 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
Release for 1.4.6. Primarily bug fixes. Not much in terms of new content. Requires Forge474 or later.

  • BugFix
    • Adds some extra safety checking for packet handling
    • Fixes minor issues with decay naming
    • Fixes ToggleInstability not sticking after reload
    • Fixes crash bug when book name labels are on
    • Improvements to symbol auto-selection
    • Uses correct effect on Scorched symbol
    • Prevents creation of agedata_0
    • Handles issues with non-existant agedata objects
    • Fixes client-side counting of book dim id on link modifier
    • Fixes erroneous unregistration of Mystcraft dims
    • Improves (un)registration of Mystcraft dims
    • Fixes some minor sided clicking issues for receptacle
  • API
    • Symbols get unique seed on construction
    • registerInterface doesn't take agent
    • registerEffects doesn't take agent
  • Feature
    • Default ids changedInternal
    • Moves registration/unregistration of Mystcraft dims to server start/stop (leaves unreg on client disconnect)
  • GUI
    • Book Container improvements
  • Interaction
    • Changes shift-click removal to only work if the player's hand is empty (puts in hand slot)
    • Only allows removal of book from receptacle if hand is empty
  • Interface
    • Only valid items can be placed in GUI slots
    • Biome Display names
    • Adds auto-complete for tpx (player names)
  • Visuals
    • Lectern item render improvements

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.4.7]
PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:44 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
Release for 1.4.7. Huge content release. Requires Forge515 or later.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Flags and properties on existing books have been cleared (books will work fine, but lose link properties). The properties will have to be reapplied.
Also, existing Notebooks in desks may end up in funny slots, but this shouldn't cause major issues. Just move 'em. ;)

  • Known Bugs
    • Artifacts in notebook inventory scrolling
    • Missing auto-generation of non-critical logic (does not add random symbols)
    • Pages in inventories won't update unless in player inventory
  • Balance
    • Changes desk recipe (black dye -> empty bottle)
    • Revises rarities for symbols (balances emerald prices in trades)
  • BugFix
    • Adds lightning handling to 'toggleable' weather patterns
    • Adds some extra safety checking for packet handling
    • Adds some safeguards to prevent trying to use non-notebooks at inventories
    • Adds some security checks for EntityPlayerMP casting
    • Can place writing desk over replaceable blocks
    • Corrects issues with page(symbol) remapping
    • Desk sends age data properly for descriptive books in surface source slots
    • Disables linking item repair recipes
    • Does not build age symbol list until first link
    • Fixes an issue with generating biomes with blockIds >127
    • Fixes counting for number symbols
    • Fixes crash bug in desk
    • Fixes crash bug on generation of biome blocks with ids > 127
    • Fixes desk skipping age ids on SSP
    • Fixes display of link item name on uninitialized items
    • Fixes issue with setting null/empty string on book binding
    • Fixes issues with agedata save dirty flag and normal weather
    • Fixes issues with multiple players using the same desk
    • Fixes issues with remapping a page to multiple pages in the notebook
    • Fixes issues with remapping notebooks from the desk
    • Fixes linking on mounted entities
    • Fixes misplaced sound event handler (sound registration)
    • Fixes portal colors/updates
    • Fixes RP2 item removal from book holders (why set null and not decrStack?)
    • Fixes sending of lectern maps to clients
    • Fixes shift clicking into desk
    • Fixes shift clicking items into notebook inventory
    • Improves handling of inventories
    • Improves handling of notebook nbt
    • Lectern GUI handles non-book items correctly
    • Lectern limits what items can be placed
    • Lecterns/Stands/etc eject invalid items piped to them into the world rather than eating them
    • Makes Binder retain pending title through save
    • Moves unregistration of dims to after server is shutdown completely
    • Prevents 'creative only' (zero-frequency) symbols from being added to treasure/trades
    • Prevents Desk from getting a tile entity on 'off' block
    • Prevents linkbook entity despawn from distance
    • Prevents opening gui on non-player player instances
    • Prevents piping of items to binder
    • Prevents portals from firing clientside
    • Removes fog color changes at sunrise/sunset when facing west
    • Removes unused, secondary tileentity on desk
    • Sends agedata when agebook is placed irregardless of slot (for notebook slots)
    • Symbol renders ? if word components size == 0
    • Syncs title for binder across clients
    • The lectern is properly updated when items are removed
    • Updates symbols in book for observers when others are writing
    • Various improvements to the Notebook Inventory system
  • Change
    • Caves/tendrils generation seed no longer tied to block id
    • Changes caves/tendrils/ravines to use symbol instance seed (breaks alignment with old generation)
    • Horizon Color is now a modifier. It sets the current "sunset" value and builds a gradient from the previous.
    • Moves clouds to y-level 0 on void worlds
    • Moves Horizon sunset/sunrise color effects rendering to suns/moons
    • Removes Symbol Categories
  • Command
    • Adds command for setting player link permissions
    • Replaces set time and toggle weather with dimension aware versions
  • Config
    • Changes names for config options for crafting
  • Feature
    • A dangling "sunset" value will not add instability and will be used as the default sunset colors
    • Adds a creative menu tab for symbol pages
    • Adds a slot for a paper stack in desk that pages will be pulled from when writing
    • Adds ability for lectern to contain/display other items
    • Adds active-tab system for multiple notebooks
    • Adds admin permit/restrict permissions for entering/leaving ages by player
    • Adds all pages to archivist merchant trades at price based on page rarity
    • Adds Archivist Villager which sells Mystcraft related items
    • Adds Archivist House
    • Adds basic ink recipe (any black dye and a water bottle)
    • Adds basic modifier system and uses this for the celestial objects
    • Adds basic symbol remapping system
    • Adds blank page to myst treasure gen
    • Adds blank pages, paper, and books to archivist trade list
    • Adds book binder block
    • Adds book binder gui
    • Adds booster generation to mystcraft treasure (generates some number of pages in a notebook using existing rarity sys)
    • Adds colorable lightning
    • Adds creative notebook item to creative gui
    • Adds custom page item render
    • Adds enchant books to archivist trades (as librarian)
    • Adds extra optional param to toggle instability command to allow specifying what resultant setting should be
    • Adds generation of structures to ages
    • Adds ink and ink vial
    • Adds inkwell to desk
    • Adds modifiers for terrain gen
    • Adds Mystcraft treasure as sub-treasure to Dungeon, Pyramid, Temple, and Stronghold Library treasures
    • Adds Rainbow Render system (made by Briman0094)
    • Adds Recipe for binder block III,###,# # (I= iron ingot, #=planks(any wood))
    • Adds render flags for horizon and void area to the controller
    • Adds replacement command for time (dimension aware)
    • Adds scrollable notebook inventory system
    • Adds scrollable notebook slots functionality to desk
    • Adds small library generateable structure
    • Adds storage of positional data for items to notebook inventory system
    • Adds system for specifying the kind of sky backgrounds the world has (ex. stars)
    • Adds system for specifying the number and kinds of suns/moons a world has
    • Adds treasure generation pool
    • Adds wood block as material
    • Adds writing to books to desk
    • Ages created with Instability disabled globally will have instability disabled locally by default
    • Allows descriptive books to be used as immutable writing sources (as notebook in desk)
    • Allows naming of notebooks using desk naming system
    • Allows paper to be written to via desk
    • Allows writing to notebook contents from desk
    • Book damage (in entity form) is persistent (as item)
    • Books converted to descriptive books have three pages
    • Breaks ISkyBackground into IStarfield and ISkyDoodad (different layers)
    • Can cycle notebook slots by gui buttons
    • Can cycle notebook slots by keyboard
    • Can drop paper into binder to create blank pages
    • Celestial objects without specified modifiers randomly generate properties
    • Changes "symbol not loaded" message to only display once per missing symbol per session
    • Changes Caves to "stack" (produce unique cave systems for each symbol added)
    • Changes material modifier system to use push/pop stack and usage flags
    • Changes notebook recipe "# #"," # ", leather
    • Changes Notebook to contain pages, not symbols
    • Changes Tendrils to pop a material modifier
    • Clicking on the page slider in the binder with a notebook dumps all of the pages in the notebook into the binder (notebook order)
    • Dense Ores no longer gets its ore gen from the ore dictionary
    • Desk uses LiquidsAPI, and should support pumping of fluids into/outof it
    • DeskGui supports pages at locations
    • Empty notebook wil extract all pages from a binder
    • Fixes text overflow on notebook names on tabs
    • Fixes Wooden Tendrils stacking (produces unique systems for each symbol added)
    • Handles crafting of descriptive book through binder
    • Handles item pipe/tube input to desk (paper only)
    • Implements click-drag on pages in desk
    • Implements symbol to page writing in desk
    • Improves twi command to allow for specifying instability setting without specifying dim
    • Increases notebook slot count to 25
    • 'Ink' is required to write (any fluid qualifies)
    • Introduces pages
    • Lectern allows valid items to be placed with right click (only removes one)
    • Limits what the notebook can store (to just pages)
    • Link panel works on book in desk
    • Makes Ice a valid sea block
    • Makes writing to book in desk write to first free page
    • Maps dye liquid as Liquid Black Dye in LiquidAPI
    • Moves Desk towards multi-notebook system using tabs
    • Normal Stars symbol added to all existing ages
    • Removes controller interfaces for sun/moon counts
    • Removes deprecated descriptive book recipe
    • Removes exisiting black decay config
    • Removes linkmodifier recipe
    • Removes Normal/Fast/Slow/Eternal Time symbols
    • Removes old creative notebook method
    • Replaces the toggledownfall command with a dimension aware version
    • Resends AgeData to players in dim when weather changes on server
    • Re-sort of books spaces books so they are visible
    • Re-sort of pages sorts by symbol display name
    • Rewrites symbol rendering to use words
    • Sends maps on lecterns to clients
    • Sleeping in ages will advance time until the next sun rise (of whichever sun next rises)
    • Suns/Moons will read the current "sunset" value and use it as their sunset gradient
    • Symbols added to age do not create/write to pages
    • Symbols are added to Notebook in sorted order
    • The gradient modifier uses the length modifier value when setting a color (color 'lifetime')
    • TileEntityDesk supports positioned pages
    • Title set in the book binder is given to age on craft
    • Toward modifier usage for terrain gen
    • TPX command bypasses permission system
    • Vials and Ink work with LiquidAPI
    • Void symbol turns off horizon and void rendering
    • Writing in books no longer creates pages
    • Writing to notebook will use the pull slot if necessary
  • General
    • Changes automatic biome symbol generation to check for existing (doesn't replace custom biome symbols)
    • Changes default fog color to native fog color
  • GUI
    • Adds mouse wheel functionality to horizonal page slider
    • Adds mouseover tooltip to book/target pages in desk
    • Adds render clipping feature to scrolling areas (surface and binder array)
    • Adds scrollable pages gui element
    • Changes auto-sort of pages to middle click
    • Changes behavior of clicking on a notebook tab with an item in hand to automatically put the item in the notebook if possible
    • Changes left click on page in desk notebook to pick up immediately (no drag)
    • Changes surface element to be scrollable
    • Changes writing to only work on right click on page
    • Changing notebook tabs resets the surface scroll
    • Correctly aligns the symbol on a page
    • Gives pages a unique image
    • Renders notebook name on tab if set
    • Renders pages correctly so overlapping works correctly
    • Rescales pages in the book binder (to fit)
    • Rescales pages in the surface and the right side display of the desk
    • Sets max scroll to half remaining view area
  • Interface
    • Adds background images to slots
    • Adds Limited Slots (can only place valid items)
    • Adds scrollbar to page surface gui element
    • Adds slots for handling liquid I/O to desk
    • Cleans up gui images
    • Desk GUI Redesigned
    • Displays pages in desk target notebook in slider element
    • Doubles scroll speed on page surface
    • Fixes elements to only use mousewheel if the mouse if over the element
    • Implements scrollbar on notebook inventory gui
    • Limits placeable items in book binder
    • Limits placeable items in desk (source/surface slots)
    • Limits placeable items in link modifier
    • Pages in Book GUI
    • Render book gui in desk if book is target
    • Uses predefined Narayan for symbol poems
  • Symbols
    • Adds "Clear Modifiers" symbol
    • Adds "Normal Stars" symbol
    • Adds color gradient builder
    • Adds color modifiers
    • Adds Dark Moon/Sun/Stars
    • Adds modifiers for angles, phase (period offset), and wavelength (multiplier)
    • Adds Normal Sun and Moon symbols
    • Adds symbol Floating World which turns off horizon and void rendering
    • Adds symbols for specifying number of suns/moons
    • Changes Normal Stars to be color gradient aware
    • End Stone
    • Ender Island
    • Ender Starfield
    • Fixes Chromatic Mappings
    • Fog/Sky/Cloud/Horizon color symbols replaced with modifier aware forms
    • Nether Fortress
    • Night Sky Color
    • Rainbow
    • Renames length symbols to contain "Length"
    • Stone
  • Visuals
    • Adds basic texture for the book binder
    • Adds coloring to arrow buttons for notebook slots
    • Adds slot number render to notebook slots in desk
    • Adds symbol poems and cleans up words
    • Changes disarm effect to have anything from 3-8 points
    • Corrects render order of 'words' in poems
    • Extends Star Fissure render distance (256)
    • Fixes formatting of biome symbol names
    • Fixes rainbow alpha
    • Improves rendering of lectern item
    • Moves particle effects on linking up slightly
    • Optimizes Star Fissure render
    • Puts panel gui in translated matrix
    • Puts scrollable pages element in matrix
    • Remove void particles from ages
    • Renders notebook name at top of notebook inventory
    • Replaces rainbow render effect
  • API
    • Adds a collection of events for the meteor
    • Adds builder for block modifier symbols to the SymbolFactory
    • Adds Dense Ores event
    • Adds function for adding instability to IAgeController
    • Adds helper function for wrapping Objects in a Modifier instance to IAgeController
    • Adds Modifier container object
    • Adds predefined symbol words
    • Adds some data to block descriptor (instability factor and usability system sketch)
    • Adds time to sunrise function for solar objects
    • Adds Treasure info identifier to MystObjects
    • Allows modifiers to specify instability value on dangling
    • Changes symbols to use short[] blocks and byte[] metadata
    • Improves typing with ColorGradient (no Object passing)
    • Makes AgeSymbol into interface IAgeSymbol
    • Moves symbol display name entirely into AgeSymbol
    • Popping a modifier returns a dummy object if none registered
    • Refactors API to have multiple interfaces
    • Revises instability and symbols logic registration calls to not include self-reference

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.4.7]
PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 11:28 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Posts: 3961
Release for 1.4.7. Bugfix release for 0.10. Requires Forge515 or later.

    • Adds symbol registration functon overload to allow for preventing automatic config option
    • Meteor events no longer have internal Mystcraft dependencies
    • Increases Nausea instability req.
    • Adds air pocket above age spawn platform
    • Correctly unregisters symbols if they are replaced
    • Fixes /time command help and failure text
    • Fixes an issue with item validity checks not handling null itemstacks
    • Fixes book gui not closing on entity death/pickup
    • Fixes decay itemstack names
    • Fixes desk dropping invalid extra items when broken with silk touch
    • Fixes desk not always draining vials/accepting ink
    • Fixes desk not draining "consumable" containers
    • Fixes Eternal Storm ages acruing snow and lacking lightning
    • Fixes infinite leather bug in binder
    • Fixes infinite paper bug in desk
    • Fixes issue with empty gradient sunset
    • Fixes issue with pages in notebooks in tabs not updating immediately
    • Fixes issue with trying to get a block from the block descriptor list creating a modifier with an instability mod
    • Fixes issue with unvisited ages from old saves getting symbols twice
    • Fixes issues with new pages not stacking correctly
    • Fixes minor and self repairing issue with old Fog colors remapping badly
    • Fixes page surface slider grabbing
    • Fixes parsing of TPX command
    • Minor fix to handling of liquid containers in desk
    • NEI Spawned notebook no longer has issues with renaming
    • Prevents crash if data file matches agedata filename format but does not provide valid dim id
    • Prevents crash on biomes with null name (logs error)
    • AgeController no longer uses world difficulty when determining age instability (override still works)
    • Renames Instability in AgeData NBT to more obvious "BaseIns" to reflect how it ISN'T THE INSTABILITY VALUE OF THE AGE
    • Adds the Oil symbol if another mod provides such a liquid (in block form)
    • Allows dropping lots of paper into the binder at once
    • Can place single or multiple pages using standard left-/right-click interactions
    • Changes default world provider id
    • Notebook gui element in desk reflects actual inventory order
    • Page Surface and Slider elements allow for left and right click many vs single interaction
    • Pages stack to 16
    • Points piping systems at leather slot on binder (doesn't enforce valid item checks)
    • Changes the lighting symbol display names
    • Reduces minor visual artifacts in rainbow
    • Reduces width of rainbow
    • Tweaks to rainbow render handling

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.5.1]
PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:42 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Release for 1.5.1. Bugfix and version update release for 0.10.1.

Hey! New changelog system!

[Change]Crystal Formation symbol display names now follow "<Type> Crystal Formations"
[Change]Missing lighting controller doesn't add instability
[Change]Missing Sun/Moon/Stars doesn't add instability
[Change]Range of random day length of suns changed (for suns without modifiers)
[Feature]Changes /myst-spawnmeteor to work for CommandBlocks (when enabled)
[Feature]Changes /myst-twi to work from command block
[Feature]Changes /time to work with CommandBlocks
[Feature]Changes /toggledownfall to work from command block
[Feature]Changes /tpx to handle player vars from command block
[Feature]Comparator detects active portal crystals
[Feature]Comparator works on lectern/bookstand/receptacle inventories
[Feature]Crystal blocks update neighbors on state change
[Feature]Handles hopper inventroy interactions
[Feature]Handles Nether (Quartz) Ore generation in ages
[Feature]Hopper carts pick up books on collision
[Feature]Hoppers pick up book entities
[Feature]Moves all graphical elements to mods/mystcraft/ (textures or gui)
[Feature]Quarts Crystal Formation symbol
[Feature]Relative tpx for both coordinates and dimension
[Fixes]Adds defensive code to update function in dim logic provider to handle fake world objects
[Fixes]Book GUI only checks if link is valid once
[Fixes]Fixes issue in symbol word drawing not using correct image source
[Fixes]Lectern and Bookstand having incorrect particles
[Fixes]Linking loading World before isLinkValid check
[Fixes]Minecarts stop dead rather than travel the wrong direction after linking
[Fixes]Normal Sun/Moon not referencing correct texture
[Fixes]Prevents linking items from being enchanted by book
[Fixes]Some really dumb errors that were concealed in the biome controllers obfuscation issues

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.5.1]
PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:48 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Release for 1.5.1. Bugfix release for

[BugFix]Changes sound handling to register sounds with shorter ids

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

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