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 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.5.2]
PostPosted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 9:04 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
Changelog is a bit "raw," in that I didn't spend as long trimming it this time. Might include redundancy or changes that only applied to dev builds.

Switches to using srg reobf
Updates to 1.5.2/703
[API]Adds a function to the SymbolAPI to allow other mods to blacklist symbols
[API]Adds Achievements page to MystObjects
[API]Adds Addative API
[API]Adds bookbinder and inkmixer to MystObjects
[API]Adds IGrammarAPI to allow for registration of grammar rules for custom symbols
[API]Adds ink liquid stack to API Objects list
[API]Adds ink vial and unlinked linking book to API
[API]Adds InstabilityFactory implementation
[API]Adds IStaticColorProvider
[API]Adds portal and desk blocks to MystObjects
[API]Adds relative link property id
[API]Color object for modifier system
[API]Improves some java doc
[API]Instability as formula for block modifers
[API]Prevents identifiers with remappings from being used when registering symbols
[API]Removes symbol factory method for biome symbols
[API]Renames a few classes
[API]Restructures ILinkListener as LinkEvent system
[Balance]Adjusts some instability calculations and factors
[Balance]Fleshes out ink mixtures
[Balance]Rebalances instability from BlockDescriptor usage
[Balance]Revises the percent chances added by ink additives
[Balance]Tweaks generation rules
[Balance]Tweaks grammar rules
[Balance]Tweaks some ink effect mixtures
[Balance]Tweaks symbol rules
[BugFix]Average Terrain from biomes was too high (Flat ages will change)
[BugFix]Fixes a minor bug in the processing of audio content
[BugFix]Fixes an issue with page placement in the desk surface
[BugFix]Fixes bounds calculation errors on the writing desk gui
[BugFix]Fixes bug in notebook gui
[BugFix]Fixes bug with getting world seed when remote after being local
[BugFix]Fixes calculation for average terrain height for biomes (will now stay within the range of [32-96])
[BugFix]Fixes issue with newly created pages not stacking correctly with pages that have been loaded (shakes fist at MC save system)
[BugFix]Fixes issue with parsing negative dimension IDs for TPX
[BugFix]Fixes minor issue in Ravine code
[BugFix]Fixes Shift-Clicking page from lectern
[BugFix]Makes Descr. books send agedata when put into a stand via gui
[BugFix]Makes EntityLightningAdv inherit from EntityLightning and bypasses normal weather effect packet sending (better method that wasn't an option before)
[BugFix]Prevents Linking if allow-nether is false
[BugFix]Prevents Shift-Click descriptive book crafting
[BugFix]Removes item forms for portal and desk blocks
[Change]Binding a book requires the first page be a link panel
[Change]Biomes are now Modifiers
[Change]Biomes are now processed in reverse writing order by controllers (last in first out)
[Change]Can no longer write directly to normal books in desk
[Change]Clearing modifiers leaves a small percentage of the instability they would have had if left dangling
[Change]Inverts BlockModifiers usage from FIFO to FILO
[Change]Moves Biome Symbols and controllers in existing ages to front of symbol list
[Config]Changed config system. You will need to update your configs.
[Config]Changes biome symbol identifier pattern (uses id) and remaps biome names to symbols
[Config]Moves old-style configs to new system (core configs only)
[Crafting]Adds recipe for crafting ink using bucket (black, black, bottle, water bucket)
[Crafting]Adds the ink mixer recipe
[Feature]Adds author(s) tracking for Descriptive Book writing
[Feature]Adds FastRainbows config option (default true)
[Feature]Adds ink mixing mechanics/link panel crafting
[Feature]Adds linkpanel pages
[Feature]Adds mechanics/symbols for controlling the color of grass, water, and most foliage of ages
[Feature]Adds relative linking property
[Feature]Adds some Mystcraft Achievements
[Feature]Makes biome symbols have unique poems even if the biome names are identical
[Feature]Unlinked books can be turned into normal linking books by right click
[Feature]Unlinked Link Books are crafted from a link panel and a cover (leather)
[GUI]Adds display for authors to book GUI element
[GUI]Tank gui element w/ mouseover
[Interface]"Block" added to end of Block Modifier symbols' display text (ex. "Stone Block")
[Interface]Changes display name of pages depending on case
[Interface]Makes surface and scrollable show tooltips for link panel pages
[Interface]Moves symbol on page from tooltip to be part of display name
[Internal]Adds blacklisting for symbol registration
[Internal]Changes AgeData storage (This is to try to fix the mod interaction issues where other mods decide to break the save system)
[Internal]Changes how things check for valid inks
[Internal]Improves ink mixing matching system
[Internal]Prevents symbols being directly replaced
[Internal]Revised loader system to be more efficient/correct
[Major]Context-Free-Grammar system can generate additional symbols for ages with user-written symbols
[Major]Context-Free-Grammar system can process written symbols before generating
[Major]Context-Free-Grammar system implemented to generate symbol sequences for ages
[Major]Context-Free-Grammar system tracks orphaned symbols and attempts to expand them to fit into tree before main generation
[ModCompat]Adds pre and post PopulateChunkEvent calls to ChunkGen
[Symbols]Adds block modifiers for Crystal, Glowstone, and Nether Quartz
[Symbols]Adds block modifiers for Snow blocks and Obsidian
[Symbols]Adds Dirt block modifier
[Symbols]Makes ice and glass valid Crystal block modifiers
[Symbols]Moves crystal formations to modifier system
[Symbols]Moves Lakes and LavaLakes to Surface and Deep Lakes that take modifiers
[Visuals]Fixes render issues with pages on lecterns
[Visuals]Improves ink mixer basic colorization effects
[Visuals]Improves render of maps on lecterns

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.5.2]
PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2013 10:41 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
Primarily an update for, this release focused on bugfixes and balance.

[API]Javadoc fixes in IGrammarAPI
[API]Link Modifier and ink fluid item added to the API object list
[Balance]Corrects calculation for glowstone instability formula
[Balance]Increases number of Crystal Formations symbols required before stacking instability occurs
[Balance]Made the generative grammar less biome happy
[Balance]Made the generative grammar produce fewer things like caves, ravines, tendrils, and skylands
[Balance]Makes selection of Phase, Angle, and Period symbols rarer
[Balance]Rebalances material block instabilities
[Balance]Reduces crystal formation spawn rate
[Balance]Reduces instability produced from stacking the Crystal Formations symbol
[Balance]Reduces tendrils generated by a single symbol
[BugFix]Adds a non-selectable rule for BioConNative
[BugFix]Adds non-selectable rules for charged, dense ores, scorched, etc, to fill later rule requirements
[BugFix]Blacklisting a symbol identifier will correctly unregister any symbol with that identifier previously registered
[BugFix]Correctly removes items from storage when desks are broken (rather than dropping "copies")
[BugFix]Crafting of unlinked linking books correctly fails if extra items are in the grid
[BugFix]Fixes grammar tree overflow issues
[BugFix]Fixes impossible archivist trades for high level enchants which could occur rarely (caps emerald cost)
[BugFix]Fixes issue with effects sometimes appearing to "forget" the player
[BugFix]Fixes linking not failing correctly when the target world doesn't exist
[BugFix]Fixes shift-clicking into notebook GUI losing pages
[BugFix]Fixes some issues with the GrammarTree parsing
[BugFix]Fixes storage used for myst-create command
[BugFix]Forces linked entities to have the right dimension id
[BugFix]Makes the AgeController more defensive and check for oddly timed operations
[BugFix]Meteors no longer cause crashes
[BugFix]Portals correctly check for air on creation
[BugFix]Prevents absolute Black fog from causing issues with night vision (absolute black is mapped to an extremely dark grey)
[BugFix]Recovers from exceptions during symbol registration (if the symbol pitches a fit during profiling)
[BugFix]Removes log message of generation of star fissures
[BugFix]Stops Inkmixer auto-filling on load
[BugFix]Syncs the random aspects of link panel crafting across client and server, allowing client to correctly report outcome (previously waited for server report, which MC didn't do...)
[Change]Allows the writing desk to be placed without blocks below it
[Change]Linking no longer requires an extra block of headroom
[Commands]Adds command to regen chunk
[Interface]Can shift-click pages into the binder's page list
[Interface]Double clicking on pages while in the ink mixer GUI no longer attempts to take the page that is in the output slot if it matches
[Interface]Improves shift-clicking items in slots in other GUIs
[Internal]Builds shortest paths for all grammar rules
[Internal]Changes profiling to return symbols in sets rather than lists
[Internal]Revises the grammar parser to be more robust and flexible
[Symbols]Adds Spheres Symbol
[Visuals]Adds heldplayer's gorgeous D'ni color eye render to the ink well
[Visuals]Fixes some poem words
[Visuals]Notebook inventory name is now the notebook's name if it has one
[Visuals]Renames End to Nadir
[Visuals]Renames End World to Island World
[Visuals]Renames Noon to Zenith

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.6.2]
PostPosted: Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:54 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
This release focused mostly on balancing, but there were many bug fixes and some new things.
Particularly, there are some new symbols and a system for grabbing all registered fluids with blocks as symbols!
At this point, the grammar feels nicely balanced. Hope everyone enjoys!

[API]Adds ability to register link panels renderers
[API]Adds BlockCategory
[API]Adds ModifierUtils class for helper functions releated to advanced modifiers like BlockDescriptors and Biomes
[API]Breaks BlockDescriptor class apart for better understandability
[API]Changes BlockDescriptor symbol factory to handle rarities
[API]Fixes internal reference to assets
[API]Greatly improves documentation of API
[API]IFormula takes a float
[API]Revises symbol registration to be cleaner
[API]Symbol registration returns success
[API]Unifies block descriptor categories' names and grammar tokens
[Balance]Adds NetherQuartz Ore and Emeralds to Dense Ores
[Balance]Archivist now sells link panels
[Balance]Attempts to make Archivist sell paper and books
[Balance]Changes color grammar rules to allow for generation to do complex colors but to never alter a player written color
[Balance]Changes gradient grammar rules to allow for generation to do complex gradient but to never alter a player written gradient/color
[Balance]Changes Phase, Angle, and Period to use the same rule structure as Color and Gradient
[Balance]Dense Ores now generates in the full world height range
[Balance]Increases the amounts of ores that Dense Ores can possibly generate
[Balance]Makes Ice block modifier valid fluid block
[Balance]Makes Native Biome Controller obtainable legitmately
[Balance]Makes the End biome ("Sky") symbol obtainable ingame (but the grammar won't select it)
[Balance]Makes the spheres symbol rarer and more valuable as item
[Balance]Minor tweak to biome gen balance
[Balance]Tweaked the tier system for rules, better limiting the number of generated populators and terrain mods in an age
[Balance]Tweaks sunset generation rules
[Balance]Tweaks visuals rules
[Balance]Unnerfs black decay
[BugFix]Allows items to be removed from book holding blocks by ISided
[BugFix]Corrects default value of fast rainbows config
[BugFix]Fixes generation of NetherQuartz in Netherrack ages
[BugFix]Fixes issue with grammar not qualifying the End biome as a biome
[BugFix]Fixes issue with LAN server unloading client storage when other clients disconnect
[BugFix]Fixes issues with Star Fissures not carving above a certain height
[BugFix]Fixes some issues with biome grammar rules being added even if the biome is disabled
[BugFix]Fixes some issues with biome symbol registration
[Commands]Adds a config option to allow enabling of spawn meteor command
[Compatibility]Removes old NBT updating for Notebooks (recent saves should be fine)
[Config]Adds achievement ids to config
[Creative]Breaks creative notebook into multiple notebooks
[Generation]Changes the check for block replacement on terrain modifiers (all but fluids)
[IMC]Adds IMC system
[IMC]New IMC Message - fluidsymbol
[Interface]Makes link modifier pull link properties dynamically
[Localization]Adds en_US lang File
[Localization]Improves localization for commands
[Logging]Adds error messages to data storage handling for null storage objects
[Symbols]Add Natural Sky/Grass/Water/Foliage Color symbols
[Symbols]Adds 8 more color symbols
[Symbols]Automatically creates symbols for registered fluids with block forms
[Symbols]Makes Obelisks use modifiers
[Symbols]New Floating Islands symbol
[Visuals]Changes display name of Crystal Formations to Crystalline Formations
[Visuals]Fixes falling block rendering
[Visuals]Improves portal texture
[Visuals]Revises some symbol poems

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

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Correction: fluidsymbol

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.6.2]
PostPosted: Tue Oct 22, 2013 2:38 am 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
This build focused mostly on the API, prepping it for public usage. It's still in alpha, but it's there...
Also bug fixes and some balancing tweaks.

[API]Adds a function to return all the symbols produceable from direct expansion of a grammar token
[API]Adds a method for getting all of the parent tokens for a token
[API]Adds an interface for items which can be renamed in the desk
[API]Adds an interface for items which can have symbols written to them in the desk
[API]Adds an interface for items which can provide symbols as a notebook
[API]Adds API interface for interacting with page items
[API]Adds constructors for Color for int and awt forms
[API]Adds creative tabs to MystObjects
[API]Adds events for manipulating star fissure and portal linking
[API]Adds function for getting all registered instability ids
[API]Adds function for getting all registered symbols
[API]Adds function for mapping a symbol id to a IAgeSymbol
[API]Adds function for mapping an id to an instability provider
[API]Adds function for testing if a link is allowed on an entity
[API]Adds function to allow creating a new age
[API]Adds function to get a gradient based on a collection of linking properties (as the ink mixer)
[API]Adds getters for symbol rarity values
[API]Adds getters to the ILinkPropertyAPI
[API]Adds IDimensionAPI which provides info on Mystcraft ages
[API]Adds IItemFactory for building notebooks and pages
[API]Adds IRenderAPI, providing functions for rendering D'ni numbers, D'ni colors, Narayan words, and Narayan poems
[API]Adds ISymbolValuesAPI for setting generation weighting values
[API]Adds link properties for TPX, Natural, External, and Offensive
[API]Adds method to return the mod that registered a given symbol
[API]Adds methods to generate a phrase from a token, including parsing
[API]Adds methods to ModifierUtils to facilitate getting functional gradients
[API]Adds registration function for link properties
[API]Allows setting of secondary trade item for symbols
[API]Changes function for providing instability via block modifiers
[API]Changes instability from block descriptor system
[API]Changes LinkEventAllow to only be called server side
[API]Fixes IItemFactory link panel builder not producing a link panel if no properties were provided
[API]Improves API javadoc
[API]Moves rarity out of symbol interface
[API]Moves registration of link panel renderers to the IRenderAPI
[API]Moves standard link properties from ILinkInfo to ILinkPropertyAPI
[API]Removes "item generation weight" from the SymbolFactory method for block descriptor symbols
[API]Removes defunct world pop symbol factory method
[API]Removes IWeightedItem from IAgeSymbol
[API]Renames getDescriptorWords to getPoem
[API]Renames IAdditiveAPI to ILinkPropertyAPI
[API]Renames IFormula to IInstabilityFormula
[API]Renames ITerrainModifier to ITerrainAlteration
[API]Renames LinkPanelEffect to ILinkPanelEffect
[API]Revises gradient mechanics
[API]Sorting for symbol provider items (writing)
[Balance]Changes stability providing symbols to not cap
[Balance]Changes the instability range system for instability mechanics to be inclusive
[Balance]Changes Void Terrain to never be generated by the grammar
[Balance]Rebalances the dusts effects for ink mixing
[Balance]Reduces number of generated gradients
[Balance]Removes innate instability from stacking symbols which now take block modifiers
[Balance]Revises instability calculations
[BugFix]Adds check for null fluid when rendering ink vial
[BugFix]Adds defensive catch to ISided handling for book containers
[BugFix]Book binder text correctly retains information
[BugFix]Changes adding of link panel pages to creative tab to pull from list
[BugFix]Fixes achivements not using config
[BugFix]Fixes an issue with fluids having different "full" meta states
[BugFix]Fixes an issue with property mixing percentages
[BugFix]Fixes an issue with the API prventing server launch
[BugFix]Fixes buckets picking up ink blocks as water
[BugFix]Fixes bug with map gen systems being able to replace bedrock
[BugFix]Fixes issue with biome symbols getting "Biome Biome" at the end
[BugFix]Fixes issue with setting null symbol ids on pages through API
[BugFix]Fixes issues with book health (all books have been healed)
[BugFix]Fixes minor issue with block modifier symbol display names
[BugFix]GUIs no longer eat keypresses unless exiting the gui or typing in a text box
[BugFix]Makes the AgeController more thread-safe
[BugFix]Registers Villager as spawnable by egg
[Command]Modifies the chunk regen command to allow for non-local regeneration
[Config]Adds config options to prevent crafting link properties
[IMC]Renames liquidsymbol message to fluidsymbol
[Interface]Adds button for sorting surface in desk
[Interface]Adds creative tab to pages creative tab (in supporting versions of Forge)
[Interface]Changes ordering/naming of creative Notebooks
[Items]Gives visual effect symbols their own creative notebook
[Locale]Adds Russian localization
[Locale]Moves item names to lang files
[Locale]Updates lang files
[Logging]Makes ModifierBlock more defensive (against invalid blocks)
[Saves]Changes how fluids are stored in the desk. Any desks with ink in them will be emptied.
[Symbols]Adds Anti-PvP symbol (creative only)
[Symbols]Adds Twinkling Stars
[Symbols]Changes display name of Charged to Lightning
[Trade]Adds "booster packs" to villager trades
[Trade]Makes archivists only ever have one trade at a time
[Treasure]Increases chances of getting a booster pack, and changes how booster packs generate
[Visuals]Fixes tooltip rendering
[Visuals]Improves black ink appearance

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.6.4]
PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2013 11:01 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
And Again!
This is primarily an update to 1.6.4. It matches the structure generation changes and fixes a couple bugs.

[API]Adds function midPointOnArc to ModifierUtils
[API]Adds minor sanity check to prevent registering block modifiers as ANY explicitly
[API]Adds new generic averageAngles function to ModifierUtils
[BugFix]Adds sanity checks to handling of color events
[BugFix]Fixes Archivist Trades
[BugFix]Handles changes in structure gen for 1.6.4

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.6.4]
PostPosted: Sun Oct 27, 2013 12:57 am 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
And... Again?
A critical bug was found in 0.10.8 where I incorrectly updated some MCP function names. This caused block modifier symbols to have the wrong identifiers. Symbols found on the update are wrong, and old worlds will have issues. This update addresses the latter, invalidating any block modifier symbols found since the update (which I expect to be relatively few...).
Since I was in the middle of a (pretty cool) new system, that's included in this build... It should work, but if you notice anything odd with weather or biomes in ages, be sure to bring it up.

[API]Removes getTemperatureAtHeight from Weather and BiomeController
[API]Removes Weather biome replacement
[API]Adds functions for getting temperature and rain options to weather
[BugFix]Fixes BlockModifier identifier names
[BugFix]Correctly alters weather in ages without replacing biome, eliminating spawn and colorization changes

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.6.4]
PostPosted: Sun Oct 27, 2013 2:02 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
Once more, with feeling.

[BugFix]Fixes call to client-side only method in new weather code
[BugFix]Prevents access to age logic while it's being built
[BugFix]Fixes asynchronous access of biome wrapper causing crashes

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.6.4]
PostPosted: Thu Nov 14, 2013 2:12 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
This version fixes what should be the last issues with the new biome system and improves performance in a number of ways. Note that it requires Forge 938 or later.

[API]Adds function for popping a block from the block modifier queue which matches any of a list of types
[BugFix]Fixes concurrency issues with biome wrappers
[BugFix]Forces lighting table to be rebuilt on age data update
[BugFix]Prevents crystal generation from replacing bedrock
[BugFix]Prevents memory churn from biome wrapper objects
[Compat]Removes WikiLinks API inclusion
[Config]Allows the configuration of the instability value of automatically generated fluid symbols
[Performance]Improvements and tweaks to various things to improve performance
[Requirements]Requires Forge 938 or later
[Symbols]Adds Gas block modifier type
[Symbols]Handles gases in Fluid Dictionary
[Visuals]Adds Cloud Renderer Override (Used only if WeatherRenderer available)
[Visuals]Adds Weather Renderer Override (Used only once Forge PR goes through)
[Workaround]Forces chunks in unpopulated ages to unload correctly

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.6.4]
PostPosted: Sun Jan 26, 2014 5:22 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
Finally! The writing Desk model is in!
Does it work? I sure hope so! :P

The desk should work fine, and the upper section should even be properly craftable. The upper section doesn't DO anything, yet, aside from look nice, but it does that very well. ;)
Keep in mind you need to crouch-right click to actually place the upper section, otherwise you just get the desk gui.

Not all of the contents of the desk are dynamic rendered, yet, but it's a great start. :)

[API]"phase" modifier changed from a [0, 1) interval to [0, 360) (linear mapping)
[BugFix]Adds check to prevent crashing when requesting items from non-existent slots from desk
[BugFix]Attempts to avoid odd vanilla bug causing unloading unloaded chunks
[BugFix]Fixes fluid instability configs
[BugFix]Fixes issue with shift-clicking items out of lecterns/stands putting them in armor slots
[BugFix]Improves averaging of phase symbols
[Interface]Added "Color" suffix to color symbols.
[Interface]Added "Direction" suffix to angle modifiers (North, South, etc.)
[Interface]Added "Phase" suffix to solar angle symbols (Zenith, Nadir, etc.)
[Interface]Changed the "Biomes" notebook to "Modifiers, Biomes"
[Interface]Renamed terrain symbols to be more consistent
[Items]Adds second metadata form for desk item to place top section
[Items]Placing a writing desk now places the desk facing you (places the leftmost block at targeted location)
[Linking]Disarm will now strip "living" entities of equipment
[Note]Desks generated in villages after this point will be facing the lecterns
[Symbols]No longer creates symbols for fluids without itemblock forms
[Treasure]Increases number of pages generated per generated page to 1-16*rarity of page item (pages now generate in stacks; rarer pages have a lower maximum stack size when generating treasure)
[Visuals]Applies masking to fluid render for ink vial
[Visuals]Makes Rainbow more transparent
[Visuals]New writing desk model
[Visuals]Reduces size of book (to 80%)
[Visuals]Writing desk and bookstand will now render properly at edge of screen

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.6.4]
PostPosted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 4:27 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
Quick HotFix build to correct a major error I made.

[BugFix]Fixes flat symbol identifier

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

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