After much deliberation and at least two rounds of judging (after the initial voting), a winner has been selected!

Because of the nature of the selection and of the mod in general, Veo and I also came up with some interesting ideas for some of the other entries later on. We also couldn’t pick just one entry as a winner.

In the end, CyanideX’s 6th and 7th entries have been selected as a form of two part desk. You can see them here and here. The top section will be craftable separately from the base and existing desks will be able to change to the new base without issue. I’ll be making minor changes to the lamp, though.
The desk won’t be included in the 1.6.4 update, but it’s one of my top priorities after that. :)

Some of the other desk entries may appear later on in Mystcraft. ;) Keep a look out!