There a few frequent issues in the current Mystcraft release. I wish to address these here.

1) Mystcraft requires Forge 474 or later. I’m sorry for not managing to get the requirement tag in the build. I was running multiple builds at that time, and it didn’t make it into the release branch. This fixes the crash on visit age issue.

2) Crashing on sending entities through portals: This is actually a Minecraft issue which Mystcraft just managed to trigger. I’d avoided it before, but accidentally put it back in when updating. Forge added a fix around 493 for this.

3) Crashing when saving is an issue with dimensions unregistration. It is happening a little too early. This is fixed in the dev builds thanks to cpw for adding an event to FML for me to use on server shutdown. This will be fixed in the next release.

I’m not sure when the next release will be, but I don’t want to do another one before what I’m working on is done, meaning I don’t want to do another update build before a content release. It’s rather frustrating trying to maintain two branches of builds. This means two things: I don’t want to make an update build unless I have to; I am going to cut some of the content I’m working on short and push it back to later. This next release will be monolithic enough as it is, it can live without page qualities and full implementations of some of the crafting processes. :P