Sorry for not updating the blog recently. I have been very busy (and forgetful) and not thought to keep everything bouncing.

I have been streaming over at, as well as present on the IRC channel and even on MineTV, so there has been news. :P Just not here.

At the moment Mystcraft is being tested for balance. More specifically, I have added a whole new system to handle world instability in Mystcraft Ages. Now there is more than just the well known decay effect (which from now on will be “black decay”). There are lots of new mechanics like worlds with poisonous surfaces; worlds where the sun will set you ablaze; worlds where you find yourself weakened or slowed; even meteors. Let those who thought that 100 dense ores symbols were a great idea beware!

That said, all of these new mechanics need to be tested not just for bugs but also for balance. Do they work well together? Do they compare well to the instability of the world? What tier of instability is right for a randomly generated world? How many instability effects should it have? At what point should worlds start to fall apart or at what tier can the mechanics attack resources? All of these questions and more have to be considered and everything must be weighed and measured over and over. It’s the hardest part of game design and development: Game Balance.

Once that’s all done then the release will be set. We’re already feature-frozen, meaning nothing new from this point on without really good reason, so it’s pretty much just testing and bug fixing.

For everyone asking when I’ll update Mystcraft to whatever version of Forge: the next release of Mystcraft will require Forge 4.2 and should work on any version after that. The next release of Mystcraft will go in the Mods folder. It is no longer a jar mod.
A big thanks to Lex and cpw for merging my pull requests into Forge. :) Lex has been working over the past month getting different things in and showing me how to improve my changes to work better with Forge and cpw pulled the remaining changes into Forge this morning. We’re all set. :)