At last, the wait is over! ;)
Mystcraft for 1.3.2 is ready for public release. :)

Also, only one download! Whoo! Much easier on both me and you.
I’ve stopped maintaining two versions of Mystcraft, so we only have a Forge Edition now. This has saved me a lot of effort and work and allowed me to clean up my code substantially.
I’m working with the Forge team to get the base edits Mystcraft needs into Forge, but until then Mystcraft is still a jar mod.

A few words of warning: Terrain generation may not line up with existing saves. Old saves should work fine, otherwise.

You will need Forge to use Mystcraft from now on. The current builds are still made to overwrite parts of forge, and need to be installed after specific versions of Forge.
[1.3.2] Mystcraft Universal for Forge 247