I have been working on spaceman and the designs for most of it are done. Lately I’ve been busy with other things so progress has been slower on that front.

I ran a D&D game on Sunday and this (plus some feedback I got from some others) kicked me off on picking epicmaker, my D&D (3.5/Other) DM/Player tool suite, back up. I’ve cleaned up the project and started getting some of it together. It will possibly have a similar base architecture to spaceman; I need to reorganize the architecture it has one way or another.
First thing I did was prototype some of my item/treasure generator stuff. I finally came up with a system that should work for that while being both extensible and easy enough to control at finer levels. I prototyped it in Java because that’s what I have easy to run with at the moment; and it is actually well suited to the system I designed, oddly enough. What I have designed is actually meant to be implemented in a combination of code and scripted, so java seemed well suited to simply having stuff thrown in it and moved around later. Part of it really might just be how easy it is to code quickly in Eclipse. Not sure.

And what I’m sure most of you have been dieing to hear is that I’ve started updating Mystcraft to 1.3.x. I started today and actually finished the majority of it already. Mystcraft has moved to Forge Edition only and is currently built off of the 217 build of Forge. It works and it only needs to be test thoroughly to make sure nothing is broken. :) I’m going to start throwing dev builds at my QA team soon and we’ll see how that goes. :)
The goal at the moment is to update Mystcraft as it stands to 1.3.x with only a few bug fixes. Basically there should be no mechanical differences between this and the last release (aside from said bug fixes). I may do a few minor things as I ‘walk by them’ when running around my code, but I don’t plan on adding or modifying any features.

I hope to have Mystcraft for 1.3.2 up for you in a reasonable time frame. Stay tuned!