Sorry for the general silence. Since we’re waiting on Forge to update to 1.3.x I’m taking a break from Mystcraft. I’m still answering questions and active on the Bug Tracker and IRC, but I’m not working on Mystcraft at the very moment.

Designs for spaceman have been moving along. Lots of things to decide on. Some of the ideas in the project are a bit ambitious and I want to design it so that they can be done either simply at first and improved upon later or simply done later without needing to rewrite everything else later, too. ;)

The plan for spaceman development is as follows:

  • Main Designs – try to get everything specified and planned out as best I can.  I’m paying particular attention to having a discrete, modular, and maintainable architecture at this point.
  • Project Environment Setup – Putting together my workspace and procedures.  I want to try to get most of the workflows laid out at this point, including the testing and build systems.  Focus is on automation of workflow and project structure.
  • Initial Test System – Build the base architecture and communication systems.  This is the framework and core phase.  Mostly interfaces and abstractions.
  • Initial ‘Playable’ – Hopefully the result of the previous phase is a ‘playable’ system which can be used to start testing mechanics and content.  If not then that is the goal here.
  • Game Content/Mechanics – Start work on the heart and meat of the game.

At this point I switch to a very iterative model where I basically continue adding, reworking, refactoring, and revising the system.  I’ll try to give updates as stuff happens at this point, and there will probably be screenshots/casts of the first playable. :)

Hope you are enjoying the Summer!