Testing is going well for tonight’s release of Mystcraft. I’ve fixed most of the priority issues for the moment and we are looking into the last big issue.

I want to try to get better distribution system for Mystcraft up. The current methods are too manual for me. I want something I can automate and control easily.
The release won’t be delayed for this, however. I’ll publish manually if I need to.

In other news, I’m announcing that I am not going to be picking up the other mod I had been planning. Since I did most of the designs for that mod with Exotria and Greychapel I’ve given them the idea to do with as they please.
Instead, I’m looking at picking up a project I have wanted to do for the past 10 years. Not a Minecraft mod, obviously. I don’t want to give out much information on this project yet, but I’ve codenamed it Project Spaceman (or just spaceman). More info will come as soon as more of it is done.
This new project will take some time away from Mystcraft, but not end its development. The other mod would have done the same, though perhaps not to the same extent. I should have enough time for both projects, though. Once school starts up both projects will get even less time, but such is life.

Anyway, release is soon! :)